Haru&OD Osaka (20)

Haru&OD Event in Osaka

DongHae’s brand « Haru & OneDay » organized a special event for SS6 Osaka the 5th & 6th of December ! Here is a little photo report :) Enjoy~

To access this event we had to register on their recent official website in Japanese: http://www.haru-oneday.com/ The event, as well as the blue & pink special wallets were sold out really fast ! We had the chance to get some tickets just before the first concert :)

After taking the subway to Shinsaibashi and walking a few minutes we entered the shop, a huge Haru&OD flag greeted us ! Inside, a very kind lady welcomed us and gave us our tickets right away ^^/

Inside the event DongHwa was busy talking and taking pictures with ELF :)

Photo spot and display of the Haru & OD goods:

Really nice counter with « Haru & …

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[FanAccount / Traduction] 121101 DongHae @ Sheraton Miramar Hotel (Chile | Chili)

(FR)  Moments avec Donghae à l’hôtel Sheraton Miramar (Chili)

(ENG) Donghae’s parts at Sheraton Miramar Hotel (Chile)

Source :  slappys (Lire tout l’article ici | Read the full article here) Traduction anglais -français | French Translation : Donghae France par/by ~LN * 헬랜 ~ Cr photo :  6015lys/Y_Jihae

Reuploaded and shared by | Mis en ligne et partagé par :  Emilie ~ 동해 France (www.donghaefrance.com)

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