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We’ve prepared a surprise for the SS5 in London & SMTOWN WEEK !

Thanks to the really talented MadziaVelMadzik (her gallery) who drew the chibis and made the design of the fans, DongHae will have his own project !

We chose two themes:

  • « My Super haero » with DongHae in his favorite Iron Man suit
  • And « Hae Bunny » because he was just so lovely with rabbit ears …

Without further ado here are the fans, are you more « superhero » or « bunny »? !



We received the fans on the 22 of October ! More pics :

FANS (1)

FANS (2)

FANS (3)

If you have any questions,  don’t hesitate to contact us (donghaefrance@gmail.com) !

Thank you for your support and see you there ELFishes ;)

- Team DongHae France -


SS5 London NOTICE: 

We will give out 500 fans for each design at SS5 London, and we are planning to make more of them for other SS5 (Japan, Korea …)! Our cards will also be given out with the fans (1000 will be printed)!

As promised this is cute, and limited edition. You can raise the banners anytime during the concert, and of course you are invited to participate in other projects for the group!

How to get a Donghae France’s fan at SS5 London ?

We would like to remind you that we only have 1000 fans to give out on concert day (500 « Bunny Hae » & 500 « Iron Hae »).
If you want to grab one, please remind that :

  • SEATING: Our volunteers will display fans inside the venue in the following sections before the concert :

B2 - B3 - B4 
D3 – D4 
N6 – N8 – N9
S5 - S6 - S8 – S13


We are still looking for volunteers in N10!

  • STANDING: Our volunteers will also display the fans outside the venue for people who are in North and South Standing areas (from 7am to 6pm
  • If you are afraid not to get one in your section or if you can not find the volunteers in the queue for standing areas, you may :

-  go and find our head admin (Hélène: @LNFleury) in the queue for North Standing (she will be in charge of the queuing system so it will be easy to find her)
- or send an email to donghaefrance@gmail.com and ask for our head admin’s private phone number or Kakaotalk ID
- or comment on our Facebook page and Event’s posts !

/!\ You will be able to contact our admin only until 6pm (doors open at 6:30 pm) and we will inform you once we run out of fans !

We would like to thank again MadziaVelMadzik for her work, her precious time and kindness! Feel free to take a look at her gallery !

You are also welcome to help us to finance the fans anytime with paypal. Thank you !

Donate :

Donations received:
Gulnaz R. – 5 €
Aseema A. – 60 €



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