(in brackets = number of  staff desired)

  • [1 by Country] Representative of DongHae France abroad :

=> Required :

- Know how to work within a team
- Be available and responsible

=> Role :

In order to become a real international fanbase we are looking for a person to represent DongHae France in EVERY country of the world ! If you want to be a part of the ELF Family and DongHae France family, don’t hesitate to send us an email !

For instance the representatives will be able to organize group order & DongHae France’s events, to distribute flyers (at concerts, fanmeeting…), take photos, to translate our projects…

Of course depending on the countries, there will be more or less events, but the important thing here is to have a worldwide participation and people who can communicate the projects in their countries !

Do you want also your country in our team ? Contact us now !

Countries already represented : France – Japan – Canada – Indonesia – Hong Kong

  • [Not limited] Photographers :

=> Required : 

- To have a camera and be able to take HD pics
- Participate to concerts & events with DongHae & SJ (Super Show, SMTown, TvShow, airport, Sukira…)

=> Role : 

Their role will be to take exclusive photos in the name of DongHae France. You must have a camera (preferably with a good photo quality) and be able to go to events with DongHae (in your country or other countries).

For instance in case of a Super Show (or SMTown, fanmeeting..) in your country, the photographers will have to take picture INSIDE the concert and (if possible of course) OUTSIDE (airport..)

We need a maximum of persons ! Don’t hesitate to send us an email if you have a camera and will be alble to go to a concert in the future !

All the photos will be credited with the sign of DongHae France + Your name /Pseudo.

Example (customizable) :

Thank you by advance for your applications !

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