● Donations received (23/ 12 / 2012) ●

Closed : 60 / 60 € ! Thank you !


● Flower Stands ●


●  Text on the card 

To The Grand Place :


동해 France 팬은 항상 동해와 함께 !
(DongHae France fans always with DongHae !)



● DongHae’s tweet (2012/12/14) ●

Translation : Thank you everyone ^^ I love you !! ❤


● Official Facebook of « The Grand Place » (2012/12/15) ●

Translation :

Today, you had to wait for a long time when standing and we are really sorry. ㅠㅠ
It’s just the beginning~ and we will improve over time  !!><
Thank you for your patience and your  support :)
We also received messages full with love and candies~~ (We are really moved !! ) Thank you~♥♥

We are also really sorry for those who couldn’t taste our muffins today…

It’s hard to make them directly on the spot, especially when the chef isn’t here :(
Thank you for your understanding !!
We will do our best to open on time tomorrow. QAQ


~ Visit also the Café with DongHae France pictures ~


● Acknowledgments ●

We would like to thanks all the fans who participated to this project and who helped us to realize it :

  • The fansite OnlyHae.com and especially one of their wonderful admin : Lyn without whom this project would not have been possible.
  • The fansite Qinghaetffc based in Taiwan who helped us to buy and install the flowers. Thank you so much for your patience and kindness.
  • DongHae France team : Emilie & Hélène who wrote down and translated the projects in French and English, Ailsa for translated it in chinese, and Yoni & Mathilde for their invaluable help.
  • MyCherishe for our logo design 
  • Lovelocked89 for the picture of our flowers ^^
  • All our French & International partners who always help us to spread our projects.
  • All the donators : 

Emilie O.

Renée O.

Najat B.

Sarah F.

Anne B.

Sarah A.

Hélène F.

Marie C.

Mathilde L.P.







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