Notice: 15/01/21

We received the 2nd Batch too :) Please wait for our email with the tracking number, there are a lot of packages, and we are doing our best ^^

Notice: 15/01/20

We received the 1st batch of DVDs ! They all come with a special gift: ticket holder ^^/


D&E DVD (1)

 And the DVD with the photobook inside:

D&E DVD (4)

D&E DVD (2)

Finally the ELF Japan limited gift :) We will also send your our little goodies with the DVDs (Cards & Stickers)

D&E DVD (3)


 2nd batch [LIMITED]:

 Order deadline: 11th of January 2015 (midnight KST)
Payment deadline: 18th of January 2015


15/01/21 → We received all the DVDs
15/01/12 → We pre-ordered everything :) Thank you ^^

 1st batch [LIMITED]:

 Order deadline: 19th of December 2014 (noon KST) → CLOSED
Payment deadline: 24th of December 2014


15/01/20 → We received all the DVDs
14/12/19 → We pre-ordered everything :) Thank you ^^


• • • •


Dear ELF ^^

Donghae France offers to help you guys to buy the new D&E DVD ! ! Our founder is currently living in Japan so she can handle the ordering matters. This special order is for you only guys :) .

As usual, there will be 3 versions of the DVD: Regular 1 DVD, 2 DVD and Blu-ray. The first version is available for everyone so we offer to provide you with the limited version for ELF Japan fanclub members (2 DVD & Blu-ray). Please remind that we will not get any benefit from that order. We only intend to help you get the limited DVD.



2 DVD Vers.


Blu-ray Vers.


Teaser :

  • Limited 2 DVD & Blu-ray: 

●Champagne Girl
●Bari 5!
●A Man In Love
●She Wants It
●kiss kiss Dynamite
●Android Syndrome
●Ten Years
●Teenage Queen
●Love That I Need
●君が泣いたら (*Kimi ga naitara)
●Shake It Up
●Oppa Oppa


●Documentary of D&E
●Telepathy of D&E

Covers HD:
> 2DVD < & > Blu-ray <

This is the limited edition, so they will add some special items (undecided yet)

From the ELF Japan Notice, we can expect that the main concert will be the one filmed in Budokan (Tokyo) with Bonus from all the tour (Nagoya, Osaka, Fukuoka, Sapporo, Hiroshima, Niigata,Kobe, Tokyo..)

We order everything on the OFFICIAL ELF JAPAN shop !

Note: For the blu-ray Region CODE, it’s not written on the website, but we think it will be A Region, so please check if it’s compatible with your player >~< (A = Japan / East & Southeast Asia & The Americas) 

We will add special cards & stickers to the orders :)



✔ 2 DVD price= 65 € | 85 USD (WITHOUT paypal fees)

✔ Blu-ray (2 DVD) price= 75 € | 95 USD (WITHOUT paypal fees)
Please note that you MUST have a blu-ray DVD player

✔ Shipping fees JAPAN => YOUR COUNTRY: ALREADY INCLUDED WITH EMS (tracking number)
We are shipping WORLDWIDE.
The price include the price of the package, the shipping in Japan, and to your country.

Your DVD will be send DIRECTLY from Japan to your address.

* Please note with a large DVD order (with EMS mostly) you may have to pay some custom fees when you receive the package. 



✔ Paypal => PLEASE NOTE you have to add the paypal fees to the total ! (3,4 % + 0,25 € per transaction for Europe for instance)

✔ Check and bank transfer also possible (France only)

We do not take cash or any other payment methods. 

You can pay in Euros (€), USD, or yens.



The DVD will be out on January 21st.

Our admin (@Mininin_87) will receive the DVD after that date and they will be sent around the end of January.  We will update about the order here & on twitter.



Are you willing to order ? 

Please fill the following form before sending it to us. We will answer you as soon as possible to give you more details and the amount of your order. Don’t forget to ask if you have any questions :)

Please send this form to: donghaefrance@gmail.com >CLOSED<

Object/Title: D&E THE 1st JAPAN TOUR 2014

→ Pseudo or Nickname (if you have one):
→ FULL name:
→ FULL address:
→ Phone number (for EMS):
→ How can we join you ? (Email, Twitter, Facebook…):
→ Quantity & type [Blu-ray or 2DVD]:
→ Payment : [Paypal] – [Check (France only)] – [Bank transfert (France only)]



(coming soon)




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