[Officiel | Official] Info + photos – 120905 ‘Miss Panda & Hedgehog’

(KOR) 日 여배우 후지이 미나, 동해-윤승아 주연 ‘판다양’ 카메오 확정

(FR) L’actrice Fuji Mina apparaîtra en tant que caméo dans Miss Panda & Hedgehog aux côtés de Donghae et Seung Ah.

(ENG) The actress Fuji Mina will make a cameo appearance in Miss Panda & Hedgehog with Donghae and Seung Ah.

 Cr : TV Daily via haebbang1015 
Trans ENG+FR : Donghae France (~ LN * 헬랜 ~)

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Nouvelles photos | New pics : 

Cr : Channel A

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