Haru&OD Osaka (20)

Haru&OD Event in Osaka

DongHae’s brand « Haru & OneDay » organized a special event for SS6 Osaka the 5th & 6th of December ! Here is a little photo report :) Enjoy~

To access this event we had to register on their recent official website in Japanese: http://www.haru-oneday.com/ The event, as well as the blue & pink special wallets were sold out really fast ! We had the chance to get some tickets just before the first concert :)

After taking the subway to Shinsaibashi and walking a few minutes we entered the shop, a huge Haru&OD flag greeted us ! Inside, a very kind lady welcomed us and gave us our tickets right away ^^/

Haru&OD Osaka (1)

Inside the event DongHwa was busy talking and taking pictures with ELF :)

Haru&OD Osaka (2)

Photo spot and display of the Haru & OD goods:

Haru&OD Osaka (3)

Really nice counter with « Haru & OneDay » written with wooden letters~~

Haru&OD Osaka (4)


> Goodies

The new bracelets & necklaces :

Haru&OD Osaka (5)

Next to the bracelets & necklace, the pouches & new wallets (Blue / Pink / Black):Haru&OD Osaka (6)

A really fluffy blanket was also on sale, warm & cute ^^

Haru&OD Osaka (7)


> DongHae’s photos

This time, they did a little exhibition with DongHae’s photos taken with his famous Leica :) You can see a new one below:

Haru&OD Osaka (8)

Rain drops & autumn colors~~

Haru&OD Osaka (9)

Hae’s romantic bench ~~

Haru&OD Osaka (10)

This is love~~

Haru&OD Osaka (11)

Black & white … and « Emily »

Haru&OD Osaka (12)

Photos from Hae’s trip in New York: 

Haru&OD Osaka (13)

Haru&OD Osaka (14)


> DongHwa

Then, DongHwa kindly took pictures with us, and – he is so patient with us ㅋㅋ- with our DongHae fan :)

We talked a bit with him, mixing Korean, English, Japanese and even some French ! Thank you so much « Big DH » m(_ _)m

Haru&OD Osaka (15)

We also gave him presents from France (letter, fanproject & Dalloyau macarons) ~ ^^ We hope he will like them :)

With the tickets from the event, the staff gave us some pens and nice round Haru&OD papers. DongHwa kindly signed for us and also for DongHae France ♥

Haru&OD Osaka (16)


> Shopping

The little badges special Osaka we got when buying the goodies

Haru&OD Osaka (17)

The wallets are really nice, thank you for making such cute items ^^/

Haru&OD Osaka (18)

DongHwa sign for us with Haru&OD goodies:

Haru&OD Osaka (19)

Thank you so much to DongHwa Oppa and all the staff for their wonderful event in Osaka ! We had a wonderful time :)


Written by: Emilie (@Mininin_87) – DongHae France

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