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Dear ELF,

Thanks to you guys and the Korean fansite SJ-Fisherman, worldwide fansites joined together in order to organize a project for Donghae’s new drama « God’s Quiz » (Season 4) !

Our previous project was a great success (we sent 60kg of rice during the press conference > read more here <), so we decided to set off on a new adventure, with a lot of surprises ! :)

In order to show our support to Donghae and the staff who have been working hard the past few months, we had the great opportinity to organize a food support in the name of « DongHae Fansite Union » on July 10th !

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« DongHae Fansite Union » 

SJ-Fisherman (Korea) - DongHae France - Hae’s Diary (International) - HAEFriend (Taiwan)
WithDonghae Peru & ELFPERU (Peru) - WithDongHae (Korea)

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Many Japanese ELF and ELF from all over the world also took part in the project ! We especially would like to thank those without whom DongHae France could have never take part in this project:

⇨ Renée O. - Musebeliever - Marie - Béatrice & Antinea (Swiss ELF) – Hélène – Nao & Emilie 

We receveid: 290 € (~395 USD) ! Thank you !

During the day when the food support was organized, the admins also gave us an amazing gift. Indeed, Donghae gave his sign to the fansites which took part in the project. We shed (a lot of ^^) tears after receiving such an amazing present. We would like to dedicate that gift to the entire French ELF community. We would not have been able to do that without you guys. We are beyond happy knowing that Donghae knows how his French fans keep supporting him, no matter what ^^/


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DongHae also twitted… three times about the project !


« Wowowowowowowow !! ELF !!! Love yayayayayayya »


« 물고기잡은 사람들 !! 감동이다 !! 너희 때문에 제가 살아요 ^^ 너희 때문에 제가 웃어요 !! 사랑합니다 !! :) »
« SJ-Fisherman!! I’m touched !! You guys are my reason to live ^^ You guys are my reason to smile !! Love you !! :) »


« ELF의 위대함 !! DH Coffee !! »
« This is how great ELF are!! DH coffee!! »

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Without further ado, here come the details of the project ! We hope you will appreciate it as much as we do:)

Thanks to SJ-Fisherman and Coffeegreate for the pictures !
Here is their own report about the project (in Korean) > here (SJ-Fisherman) < and > here (Coffeegreate) <

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→ « DongHae Coffee »

All the actors and the drama staff were able to slake their thirst thanks to « DongHae Coffee » after their lunch break. The coffee house was a great success, especially in that hot weather !

All kind of beverages were available on the menu. Just like the Starbucks regular menu, hot or iced beverages were served (Moka, Americano, Caramel macciato, Café latte etc..) but also special beverages and teas of all kind. The staff also used some wordplays refering to the drama or the name of Donghae’s character « Si Woo » ^^/

« DongHae Coffee » has been customized with Donghae branded pictures, banners and menus ! For example, they did sum up Donghae’s filmography and his role in God’s Quiz 4 !

A banner was specially created for the occasion (with the fansites names on it) :

Food Support (1)

Here it is at the shooting place !

Project 7

More pictures of the coffee house :)

Project 4

Food Support (2)

Look at how they decorated the coffee house ! Colourful menus informing about the beverages you can purchase, Donghae’s pictures and standees~~ Could our Hae ask for more ?

Food Support (3)

Pictures of the decorations ! Do not hesitate to click to see them in bigger size !


All the coffee cups were labelled with « DongHae Coffee » !

Project 2

Donghae’s filmography and his role in God’s Quiz 4 ^^

Project 3

« DongHae Coffee » menu ^^

Project 5

Thanks to ♥

Project 1

Decorations !


On the menu : « DongHae Hazelnut Latte »,
« Hawaian Kona God’s Quiz Hazelnut »,
« Vanilla Han Si Woo Milk shake » (with extra bananas hehe~)

Project 6


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→ Gifts

Thanks to your help and generous donations, we were able to give the staff some nice presents !

Towels from LANCETTI and « God’s Quiz 4, DongHae Fansite Union » customized tee-shirts were created for the occasion.

In the gift boxes given to the staff & actors, you also could find :

a customized fan (DongHae tweeted about it ^^), wipes, cookies/candies/chocolates and energizing beverages with stickers  « from Siwoo »  and tumblers from Haru & OneDAY (Donghae’s special brand for his new restaurant Grill5 Taco).

The red boxes contain Korean red ginseng, used for its potential health benefits and medecinal properties ! Bluberry flavored masks together with pear and bellflower juice were added to the gift boxes.

Food Support (4)

Korean Red Ginseng & the masks to keep the staff in good shape ! ^^
Food Support (5) Food Support (6)

  • ● •

→ Food support & banner

Who says « food support » also says … lunch for everyone ! Tables and chairs were installed for all the staff members. The director was indeed very happy, him and the rest of the actors gave their thanks to Donghae and the latter invited everyone to help themselves with the food !

The big banner displayed on the stands:

Food Support (8)

On the top, in blank letters: « Use your chopsticks and relieve your hunger ! »
Below, in dark blue letter : word play with « God’s Quiz », litterally « God’s canteen » ^^
Below: « It’s Siwoo’s treat !!»
Finally, Donghae says « Enjoy your food!! »

The banner at the shooting place:

Food Support (9)

Food Support (12)

The big stand where the staff could enjoy their lunch :)

Food Support (10)

DongHae also took a pic before posting it on his Instagram account ! :D

Food Support (11)

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OCN also shared on their official blog & twitter the project !

Check the post > here (bottom) <


At the center of the pic: « Gift from DongHae’s fans »
On the right (blue): « Fans’ love and super cup.   Thank you :D »
On the left: « Coffee House. Even the dessert is on the house ! »
On the bottom in yellow: « Best items for that warm weather ! :) »
On the top right: « Canteen »

« 팬 여러분들의 사랑과 관심·응원이 없었으면
<신의 퀴즈4>도 없었을거예요ㅠ_ㅠ!!

그래서 모아봤다!!
현장에서 스태프들·배우님들 모두를
웃게 만들었다는 팬분들의 정성!

으리으리한 팬들의 사랑♡ »

« God Quiz 4 could not have been made without our fans’ love and support ㅠ_ㅠ!!

Everyone at the shooting place,
the staff and the actors,
could see the fans are really no joke !


 • ● •

A project by :

« DongHae Fansite Union »

SJ-Fisherman – Hae’s Diary – HAEFriend - DongHae France
WithDonghae Peru & ELFPERU – WithDongHae

• ● •

Again, we would like to thank all the fansites and ELF who helped us and especially SJ-Fisherman for their kindness, their patience and their generosity ! Being able to unite with Donghae’s fansites, on the occasion of a massive project, was a big achievement and we are really proud to have been able to be a part of it !

A special thanks to DongHae France’s staff,
Emilie, LN and Nao, for all the translations and for organizing everyting ♥

Thanks to the French ELF for their support, for taking part in the project or for sharing the infos:)

See you soon for a new project ! ;)

Hae sign

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