In time for the new year, the staff of Donghae France gave some gifts and wished the best to Donghae directly in Korea.

As you all probably know, January is not Donghae’s favorite because he often feels sick. Remember when he twitted about his hand injury :

« I’ve caught a cold and my body hurts a lot ! And the new year just began …ㅜㅠ Be careful with the food and do not catch a cold! »



cadeau (7)


To help him go through that tough month and get better as soon as possible, we though about some gifts we could give him. These were not pricy but thoughtful.  We hope you will like them as well.

- a tea box from O´sulloc, specialised in the production of tea made with Jeju Island  tangerines.

- a candle from ‘VOLUSPA’ to help him rest peacefully,

- and of course, the French touch, a assortment of macarons « LaDurée » we bought from a store in Seoul (flavor chocolate, caramel and praliné)

To give our thanks to his lovely Mom who kindly accepted to pass the gifts to him, and his brother DongHwa, who is working hard at the restaurant and who is always very welcoming (despite his shyness ^^) when French ELF are coming, we offered them an assortment of macarons « Ladurée » and we gave them our best wishes with a little card and our smiles~ ^^ We also added one of our towels and a fan from our SS5 London & SMTown Week project « IronHae » & « HaeBunny » (More details >here<). We hope they were pleased with our gifts !

Some pics :

cadeau (1)

cadeau (4)

cadeau (2)

cadeau (5)


cadeau (3)


A recap about Donghae’s birthday project will be released soon as well~~!

Thank you for supporting us and always being with Donghae !


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