[Fanaccount] 130118 EunHae – Jiangsu TV Recording

  • FR : DongHae lors de l’enregistrement à Jiangsu TV

Le MC a mentionné la blessure de Hyukjae et Donghae s’est approché pour masser sa cuisse . Le MC a alors continué en demandant si Donghae massait le mauvais endroit, parce que la blessure de Hyukjae était plus basse. Il a dit que Donghae semblait être heureux que Hyukjae soit blessé, ainsi il pouvait masser Hyukjae.


  • ENG : DongHae at the recording at Jiangsu TV

MC mentioned about Hyukjae’s injury and Donghae went over to massage his thigh and the MC then went on to ask if Donghae was massaging the wrong area because Hyukjae’s injury was further down and said that Donghae seems to be happy that Hyukjae was injured so he could give Hyukjae a massage.



Source : primlee.tumblr | Trans : DongHae France | Photo: 韩纋希是金太太

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