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As you guys already know, our Donghae will enlist on the same day as his birthday, aka October the 15th. For this occasion, we wanted to do something special to show him we will always be by his side. This project will have 3 parts and we are also planning other surprises that we will reveal on the day itself ;) But we will not be able to do any of this without you guys’ help !! So we invite you to join in as much as possible, either by helping us finance the project, or simply by participating so Donghae will never forget that we will not go anywhere.

We would like you guys to know that Donghae wishes to leave quietly in order not to bother other people who are going to enlist on the same day as him.  Please understand that in order to respect his wishes, we did not plan any big banner project or anything of that kind for the day of his enlistment. We are still planning other support projects for that day and we will reveal them later ;) Stay tuned and do not worry because Donghae will know that ELF will always be there and everything will be « alright »

New fans & little goodies are also available if you want to support us ! Please check below :)

hae enlist fan1 little..hae enlist fan back little

A special thank you to MadziaVelMadzik who did, once again, an amazing fanart for our project ♡

► Part 1 : Subway project – Donghae fansites Union

We worked  together with 7 Donghae fansites in order to both wish Donghae a happy birthday and tell him we will always wait for him, no matter what. For this purpose, we planned to put Donghae’s pictures all over the subway !!

Don’t hesitate to take a picture and share it ~

Project subway

→ Where?
….★ Subway Line 2, 10 cars, 100 adds
….★ Digital posters at Shinchon station (Line 2) on the escalators

When? 10/01 – 10/31
(the banners inside the subway got out a bit early because of Chuseok vacations ^^)

Who? 8 Fansites together ! Thank you all ♥ ♥ HAEppySJ, TinyLight1015, ELF JAPAN, 溺爱_DoteOnHaeHAEFriendHae’s Girls물고기잡는사람들 (sj_fisherman) & us :)

 How can I help ? As you know, subway adds cost a lot of money, so if you want to help us by sending donations, we would really appreciate it. We cannot do it without you ! Help us to make this project successful ! Every cent counts, no matter how much you give. To give you an idea, all the projects put together cost around 1100 €~ ! (Our participation to the Subway, Gifts & more…)

hae enlist fan back little

hae enlist fan1 little

.For all donations greater than 10€ ~ 11 USD we will send you a little package with our new fans, cards, & mini goodies (worldwide) ♥


 How to make a donation ?

✓ Via paypal: send your donation to our admin at: mininin87@gmail.com 
If you don’t have paypal, please send us an email~

After your donation : please complete the following form and send it to us at: donghaefrance@gmail.com

 Title: 【 Always with Donghae】

Name (The one you used to make your donation) & Nickname: 
Payment method [Paypal] [Cheque] …
Your address (if more than 10€/11USD):

Please note that this is only to support the project and refund the amount we spent to make it happen, we will send everything after Hae’s enlistment (around November / December), so there is no deadline, we will put a notice when the stocks are sold out :) The shipping is included (airmail only – no tracking), you need to add fees if you need tracking..

Subway Line 2 (Inside)
우리 기다릴게 / We will wait
*this photo is from us and was taken at D&E tour in Taiwan ^^/*


Digital posters at Shinchon station (Line 2)
생일축하해용 우리 기다릴게 / Happy bday, we will wait


► Part 2 : Lettersenlist paper a4

During these 2 years we would like to show Hae that we are still here, and waiting for him to come back !
We made with the help of the talented MadziaVelMadzik a special writing paper that you can use during these 2 years to send letters to Hae. You can either send it to the military directly (here) or you can send it to us (in France) and we will gather all the letters and pass it on to him every 2~3 months (so, no deadline ^^ Until Hae comes back). Don’t hesitate to participate, we need all of you to make it work ♥

Every ELF can participate to this project and send us letters, no matter where you live, however please note that the admin in charge of collecting the letters is living in France. So you need to send us the letters there ! To get our postal address, please email us at  donghaefrance@gmail.com, and if you have any questions we will be happy to reply.

→ How many letters can I send ? Can I send gifts too ?

One letter per person, you can send us your friends’ letters together with yours if you want ^^ You can send us your letter every 2~3 months, please notice us by email when you send it :)
Please do not send us gifts, because we won’t be able to give it to him in the army T___T We will accept only letters with our special paper ! Thank you :)

You can download the papers in 2 formats here:

► A4 ◄

PDF (Ready to print)

► A5 ◄

PDF (Ready to print)

→ Decoration Guidelines

Pictures of Donghae/SJ/ELF
Draw on template
Printing template on colour paper
Scrapbook materials
May include ONE small photo of yourself

X Sexual/Offensive contents
X Cutting mistakes, tears, or similar

☆ Decorations MUST be neat. (That means NO glue stains, messy handwriting, etc)
☆ Decorate only ONE side of the template.
☆ Please avoid making the template too thick and bulky.

→ Message guidelines:

- Encouraged to write in Korean or (simple) English. If you want to write in your native language you MUST include an English or Korean translation
- Everything should be grammatically correct
- Must be polite and respectful (Not too informal)
- Please include your real name (first name at least, for instance « Emily » « Claire »…)
- Avoid mentioning pairings (A bit is fine but nothing too explicit)

X Personal links and information (Twitter, Facebook, Blog, email, kkt, etc.)

 Handwriting should be clear and can be read properly and easily.
 You may print your message and paste it on the template as well.

→ Mailing

- Please email us at donghaefrance@gmail.com to get the postage address (in France). Let us know your name & country ^^
- Write the postage address on the envelope, NOT the template itself.
- Notify us once you have mailed it out.


→ Notes :

- All submissions will be checked thoroughly. Any submission that does not follow the guidelines will NOT be sent to Donghae.
- We might accept submissions that are decorated on computer. However, we do not encourage this option unless really needed.
- Don’t hesitate to ask if you have any further questions.

► Part 3 : Gifts & flowers

This year is indeed very unique, so instead of sending him some French themed gifts, we chose some useful items that he will be able to use in the army. We hope that these little presents will keep him warm and healthy when the weather is bad.

 Gift List: 

- a little « emergency box » filled with Korean vitamins, patches for muscles pain, bandages, cream…
- 2 « Heat tech » Tshirts with long sleeves to put under his uniform for the cold weather.
- to prevent him for being hurt with the army boots we added some thick and warm socks.
- a set of his favorite Yankee candles (Beach walk, Turquoise Sky & Ocean Blossom), so he can take a little one in his bag.
- and finally we couldn’t help to send him one French perfume from Dior « Eau Sauvage » for when he comes back & little Eiffel tower~




→ Flowers: 

We also sent a little blue support for Hae in his restaurant Grill5Taco ♡ ~ « 생일축하해요 우리 기다릴게요 / Happy Bday We will wait »



Please note that we asked directly before sending the flowers to Grill5 Taco. Please don’t call them, and ask them directly BEFORE sending anything. Thank you.

Thank you for your support ! ^^ Let’s wait together ! 

Hae sign

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